Sunset Sherbet

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8 reviews for Sunset Sherbet

  1. joman77

    hella relaxed low munchies, frozen in time

  2. Eckmann06 (verified purchase)

    Cherry Garcia: good head high, great body high. Perfect for wanting to have euphoria AND get relaxed.

  3. errzy (verified purchase)

    Inspection – Earthy aroma, hint of berries – Deep purple – Feathery tips – Crystals on lighter green areas – Strong citrus smell after being broken up First hit – Very heavy onset. Thoughts disappear just as they come; even writing this, I must re-read the first section to assert that what I am writing currently is comprehendible. – Does that last bit make any sense? – initial frumpy feeling. I think that’s a word. Will stand up straight. Second Hit – Coming in heavier. Body feels to be sinking. – Fluffy feeling all guns ahead. – I had something really introspective to write here, but holy shit if I can remember what it was. Fuck you Sherbet. It was such an awesome idea. You would have been what, and I would have been what? But you lost those privileges when you entered my body. You filthy whore. – Suddenly feeling vey warm. But I have a sweatshirt on, so let me try taking that off. – OK, back. But this time without a sweatshirt. I have some bad news though: the warmth is still felt. Third Hit – I don’t know why the “anxious” meter is so high, I mean I think: “I’m going to go to the prom tonight and I’m not having any proble….THEY ARE ALL GOING TO HATE ME, THEY ALL THINK I’M UGLY, I EVEN THINK I’M UGLY, OH GOD WHAT HAVE I LET MYSELF BECOME?!?” – I was just kidding about the above stuff. – Can definitely start tasting the berry flavor now. Fourth Hit – Why did I even do that? I was already stored as fuck, there was no reason to do what I just did. – OK, I was off reading some things about stuff nobody cares about. Sorry about that. And I feel “awww yeah”. – Anyway, I think you get the gist. 10.. I dunno, 500 hits. – Ok, you win, Sherbet; you always do.

  4. Southern.Smoke (verified purchase)

    Great hybrid, if your into indica based strains. One to depend on and classic effects overall most will enjoy this strain

  5. Lilrollinak (verified purchase)

    I loooooovvee me some sunset shebert. Strain is quite stronge and will have you couch locked, so bring out the matrix series. I did feel like the high wire off pretty quick. Within an hour wanting to load another bowl. Oh and order some pizza lol.

  6. blah blah (verified purchase)

    cotton mouth

  7. baked


  8. Dbest195 (verified purchase)

    Amazing flavor, and leaves you relaxed and stress free.

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