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A benzodiazepine with anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, sedative, relaxant, and amnesic properties and an extended duration of action. Its actions are mediated by enhancement of gamma-aminobutyric acid activity. Basically, it’s employed in the treatment of severe anxiety disorders, as a hypnotic within the short-term management of insomnia, as a sedative and premedicant, as an anticonvulsant, and within the management of alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

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8 reviews for Diazepam Valium

  1. Jimmy

    Diazepam has turned into a staple for long-standing MOTN insomnia and/or night terrors. Although the half-life is quite long, the active duration of effect seems to be about 5 hours after adjusting to the medication/benzodiazepine tolerance.

  2. Exdoc

    I expected more faster delivery!

  3. Hanginginthere

    I have PTSD, severe anxiety, panic attack disorder, insomnia and depression. I am in recovery, but at one point it was all so bad. And it helps me much.

  4. Kennycoco

    Helps great once it kicks in for my anxiety would not recommend this medication for panic attacks as it can take 35 min to An hour to kick in

  5. AnxiousGuy

    very calming and peaceful drug, no bad side effects, lasts pretty long and helps me fall asleep.

  6. shapel

    Valium is a drug that can be a life saver or destroyer. This drug for me helps me as long as I have it under control. I find myself always having to be wary of my dosage. This allows me to pretty much go about my normal life, allows me to function, think and gives me the motivation and willingness to do the things I need to do.

  7. Call4fire23

    More effective against my sciatica/herniated disc than Percocets.

  8. JESSE

    My life was a living lightmare until I started taking Valium. I have been on 10mg a day, taken at bedtime, for twenty years. It really is a wonder drug. I would not be here if I had not started taking it.

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